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Extreme deep dive 200 m in Dahab

Extreme deep dive 200 m in Dahab

The Deep CCR tartiflette Team is preparing for its 200 m extreme Deep dive in Dahab in Egypt.


The extreme deep divers from the Deep CCR Tartiflette Team will attempt to reach 200m deep using rebreathers in the Red Sea in Dahab (Egypt) from May 8 th to May 16 th. Nicolas Schiavon and Thierry Marra both divers from the Lac du Bourget in Savoy will be Brigitte Lenoir’s buddys in her preparation of her record.
Several dives in Dahab are planned before the big one at 200 m using rebreather.
If several dives to 200 m have been previously carried out by other divers, they have been done mostly in open circuit, ie using scuba tanks as classic divers « making bubbles ». Only few divers already reached theese abyssal depths.

extrème deep dive 161 m Dahab Egypt deep ccr tartiflette team

A 161 m dive in Dahab Egypt

That is not our case since we will use electronic closed circuit rebreathers, which does not produce bubbles. That is to say that we breathe our constant exhaled air, which is recycled through the machine by fixing the CO2 produced in a scrubber containing sofnolime and injecting the amount of oxygen required.

deco retour plongee extreme 160m dahab

Ascending the 161 m Dive in Dahab Egypt

This attempt will be under the direction of Pascal Bernabe our French World Champion (-330m).
Bernard Gardette Doctor of Science in Physiology and Scientific Director of Comex Will prepare the decompression tables for this dive.
We are a small group of divers involved with a lot of experience on very deep dives . We do not take ourselves seriously, no headlock, but are very professional in the preparation of our dives. Nicolas has two dives to 161 meters to his credit, precisely with the help of Pascal Bernabe and Bernard Gardette and some 150 m, 140 m, 130 m, 120 m etc..
Thierry is his faithful binomial on all extreme dives, and even all dvives.
The video of a dive to 161 m.

Videos Tom Steiner for deep ccr tartiflette A 167 meter dive team @ the Blue Hole in Dahab

We are all members of the DAN (Divers Alert Network), which covers us with full insurance, survey our dives and we do participate in physiological studies.

The Deep CCR Tartiflette Team

We do not take ourself too seriously be we are very safe in our dives

We are following a fitness training for several months, sports and nutrition and already started training for deep dives.

This attempt will be told live on our Blog to be « re-shaped » for the occasion.

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